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EPF is a financier to the media sector, lending against tax credits, contracted pre-sales, and unsold rights.

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Since starting out in 2017, we have provided over AUD$225m in production financing to film and television projects around the world.

We collaborate side-by-side with our borrowers and seek to find solutions.

The team have a depth and breadth of expertise in the sector earned from the negotiation and closing of hundreds of film and TV projects with over 70 years of experience across multiple aspects of the entertainment sector, including running film investment funds with assets under management of over $600m, as well as legal, accounting and executive producing roles.

Elevate Production Finance is the debt financing business of the Forte Corp Holdings group, an established full-service group of companies providing production services, producing and financing screened entertainment.
As well as providing innovative collateralised debt solutions to our raft of international clients, EPF also acts in an executive producing capacity for select projects.

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A senior debt financier for film and television production.

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